This past weekend, I took the fam up into Manhattan for a quick 2-day trip. One of the highlights was our visit to the American Museum of Natural History. I’ve been dying to take my boys there forever, at ages 8 & 5 they are at a great age to enjoy everything the Museum has to offer.

Specifically, we were going because I was pitched the new exhbit, the Creatures of Light exhibit. This new exhibit opened this weekend and deals with introducing museum visitors to bioluminescent organisms. Walking through we were treated to all sorts of exhibits that dealt with cool things my kids were into like fireflies, jellyfish and bioluminescent mushrooms.

You could literally spend days in the museum. We only had a day and didn’t get nearly through half of it. But I’d have to say my kids favorite was the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life. This isn’t shocking as my kids are both totally into sharks and marine life but I have to say that this Hall is totally impressive regardless of my kids’ interests because the crowning feature in here: the 94-foot lifesize blue whale that hangs on the ceiling in the hall. This will probably sound stupid but I had no idea how BIG a whale could really be. I mean I know a blue whale was the biggest, and I knew the size it was supposed to be but to see something that’s actually 94 feet long and know that there are actual beings out there this size was totally astonishing. I don’t care that they are only interested in eating plankton – I think if I saw a blue whale swimming towards me in the ocean, I’d have a heart attack and die right then and there just based on fear of its sheer size.

All in all, the American Museum of Natural History is a must-visit at least one time for your children. Here’s a few photos from our experience:


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