IMG_6303 This is one of those reviews where I’m sharing out of love and appreciation for a product that has made my life better. It’s my new Women’s Casual Down Coat from Lands End. I’ve been wanting a new winter coat for awhile now. I have another one from Lands End but it’s huge – it falls below my legs and it’s puffy and honestly, unless it’s ridiculously cold out, it’s not the jacket I grab on the go because of it’s bulk. (It’s a very warm jacket though so I should grab it more!)

I was regularly using a smaller one I had gotten from Old Navy several years ago that didn’t keep me very warm. It had run its course and when the cat threw up all over it, I knew it was a message to go buy a new one. (Thank you, cat!)

I settled on this Casual Down Coat from Lands End because it looked thinner and looked to be a size I would still be inclined to grab on the go, but claimed to be perfect for temps as low as -20 to 5 degrees F! That seemed pretty more than enough cold coverage for me, because I’m gonna say, if it’s ever -20 in Philly, I’m not leaving the house!

I got the test it out yesterday, when it was a balmy 19 degrees here. I love this jacket so much!!! I took the dog for a walk I thought I was going to die from the body parts that were exposed (nose and ankles) but everywhere this jacket covered was toasty warm. (Have I mentioned how much I hate the cold?)

If you’re looking for a new coat, check it out. It’s 50% off site-wide on Lands End today so it’s a good time to stock up on anything for winter! code: ORNAMENT pin: 3408



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