The follow is a guest post & review of a cool health insurance service from Danielle Friedland:

As a mom of two young children, I feel like I’m always at the doctor. Between well and sick visits to my kids’ pediatrician, plus doctor, dentist, therapists visits for me and my husband, and paying the co-pay for each of them, the fun never ends because I also have to contend with deciphering the many statements arriving from the insurance company. Usually I don’t do more than open the envelope to see if there’s a check inside before tossing it into the “file one of these days” pile on my desk along with rebate forms I keep meaning to send out and birthday party invites that I keep forgetting to RSVP for. And when I do submit the claims for reimbursement, I’m never quite sure how much my insurance company will cover and what’s inside the bounds of “reasonable and customary.” Even if we stay in-network for our primary care doctors, we sometimes need to go out of network for specialists or therapists and that’s even more paperwork.

That’s where Off Your Desk comes in. They know how to make sure your insurance company is covering everything they should and they make sure that you’re getting probably reimbursed the proper amounts. A ten minute phone call gets you started and after that, you just send them all of your insurance statements, bills and related paperwork in prepaid Netflix-style envelopes. Off Your Desk’s insurance specialists submit claims and track them all through to the end, acting as your advocate to maximize reimbursements.

Their average catch-up plan member recovers at least $2,500 within the first 90 days of working with them. I’m expecting $400 back after having Off Your Desk duke it out with my carrier over four months of under-reimbursing me because they thought my provider was in-network (even though she hadn’t been for years).

If you see the value of having an accountant file your taxes, it really makes sense to consider using a service like Off Your Desk. Similar to a CPA who knows the tax code, the insurance experts at Off Your Desk know health insurance in and out so are able to maximize your returns.

They offer several plans ( which include ongoing service for $65/month which is great for families with frequent doctor’s visits and/or complicated insurance, a catch-up plan for a flat $195 that allows you to send them that pile on your desk. They also have a “Stork Special” for expectant parents that covers you during your pregnancy through baby’s first few months. It can seem like a lot of money until you consider that

Check out their CEO and Founder speaking on Fox News about the service! (
Off Your Desk is offering Mommies with Style readers their first month of ongoing service for free! Be sure call by May 10 and mention this blog when you sign up. Just call 888-707-DESK to get started.

They also offered these tips to tackle their health insurance paperwork more effectively this year.

1. Clean up your 2010 claims. For most health insurance policies, you have a maximum of 6 months after a procedure or doctor’s visit to submit a claim.
2. Learn your new policy. It’s worth it to take the time to acquaint yourself with your policy for 2011 on your carrier’s website even if you haven’t changed policies.
3. Confirm your pharmacy benefits. Pharmacy co-pay schedules can change year to year, leading to major cost changes if you regularly take prescription medicine.
4. Consider annual check-ups. Many people are not aware that their insurance policies fully cover annual wellness check-ups.  If it has been a while for you, check with your carrier to see if the visits are covered.
5. Verify who your in-network lab provider is. It is sadly not unusual for consumers to find out too late who their in-network laboratory provider is.

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