In ancient times the spoon was a symbol of love. So, if you’re searching for a Valentine gift to hint to your husband, this post might be one to print out and slip under his pillow.
Metal Works Designs creates hand-crafted purses and accessories, using spoons rather than cloth as the handle strap. Fully lined with 2 interior pockets, this bag is great for going out. Certain to get second and third looks, you’ll be wearing romance and style on your arm.
A great gift for you, your mom or sister, at the cost of only $30, gift this fashionable accessory with flowers inside (hint hint to the husband), a bottle of wine, or, ooh! a ring! (Hint hint to a future brother-in-law! Go with that ancient symbolism!) If not for Valentine’s Day, the accessories will also make fun hostess and party gifts.
Metal Works Designs coordinating accessories like make-up cases, key rings and party bags will soon be available online. You’ll also find the line soon at local stores far and wide, they were picked up by shops throughout the coutnry upon their debut at a gifting show last month.
Available in 10 colors, 10% of all proceeds on selected “pink” items will be donated to breast cancer patients.
Order the bags now at And when you order, mention MWS in the message area and recieve a free coordinating Spoon Bookmark.

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