Announcing the married couple

It’s Monday morning and normally I can sit at my computer and hunker down to get a bunch of posts done.  But I’m totally not into the work groove yet because I’m still reeling from an amazing weekend.  My beautiful cousin Emily got married this past weekend up in northern Vermont.   She and her new husband Kevin got married up at the Grand Isle Lake House on Grand Isle, Vermont.  We stayed in Burlington which was about a half an hour away (and a completely cute town!)

Emily is the daughter of my Mom’s youngest brother.  My Mom is one of six so there’s a lot of us!  Growing up, we’d have holiday parties and reunions with my Mom’s crazy family and it’s always a party when we all get together. 

Looking at this photo of the entire family, it’s amazing to me that all of these people have come together because of just one couple.  Dore and Totten have long since passed away but their legacy lives on in our laughter, sunny & happy weddings and everyone toasting to the love with their own version of Dore’s “holy water.”

And is Emily’s dress not to die for?  It’s from J Crew!  She looked stunning in it.

Might use this next one as our Christmas card this year.   This was the very end of the half hour my kids actually wore their blue blazers and Vineyard Vines ties.  Which, while super cute, were apparently “sooo uncomfotable” and “I’m choking, Mom!”  The ties and jackets came off within nanoseconds after this photo but they sure look happy in the pict, huh?

The rest of the wedding, my boys looked a lot less put together and were doing much of this out in the yard with their second cousins:

And I had to laugh at this next photo. Hubby and I were at a wedding about twelve years ago and my camera went “missing” for about an hour during the reception. When I went to develop the pictures, I found that one of Jon’s college friends had taken the camera into the bathroom and taken photos of a bunch of the guys using the urinals. (Pretty funny, you have to admit.)

So my camera went missing again this wedding – only this time it was Nate who took it. There were lots of kid action shots including this one, which just makes me laugh:

Love it. Of course this is the group that used to do that sort of thing. These are all of my cousins – hard to believe we’re all grown up!

Congratulations to Emily & Kevin!  Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness together!


  1. Ditto, ditto, ditto. You said it all Whit. lots of cherished memories to be sure!

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