Everyone has their least favorite chore and I have to say that laundry is one of mine.  I think it’s that “doing the laundry” involves collecting dirty clothes, sorting them, perhaps pretreating stains, washing them, drying them, folding them and sometimes ironing them.  And this is just for ONE LOAD. Depending on the size of your family, this process needs to be repeated multiple times a week…or a day. So anything that makes laundry easier, I want to know about.

I recently had the chance to try out the Robby Wash Ball by Oransi.  The palm-sized ball is filled with high-efficiency, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly mini balls of detergent. You throw the whole ball in your washer one day and take it out a YEAR LATER with no more detergent ever to add since each ball lasts up to 12 months and replaces about 75 pounds of traditional laundry detergent. I’ve been using the Robby Wash Ball for the last month and have been thrilled with it. Why?

Saves time. True, adding detergent to the washing machine takes only seconds. But multiply those seconds times the number of loads per week and heck, you almost save enough time to sit and enjoy a cup of tea in peace and quiet [Disclaimer: The Robby Wash Ball does not guarantee peace and quiet to drink your tea….but hey, it might happen!]

Saves money. One Robby Wash Ball costs $32.95 and last for 12 months. Whatever kind of detergent you use now, you likely spend 2-4 times this in a year on detergent.

Saves space. Springtime inspires us to declutter and there’s nothing attractive about a big ole bottle of laundry detergent sitting around. The Robby Wash Ball is small and discrete and most of the time will just stay in your washer.

Saves trash. No boxes or bottles of detergent. For a whole year.  Plus you can buy refills for the Robby so that you could  go years without buying another jug of laundry soap.

Saves your skin. The Robby Wash Ball contains safe, hypoallergenic laundry detergent that has been tested safe for use with infant laundry. Plus it doesn’t contain phosphates or chlorine, meeting the strict environmental compliance requirements of Europe (more stringent than U.S.).

The Robby Wash Ball is available in two formulas – the Blue Robby Wash Ball can be used in either cold or hot water with colors or whites while the Fuchsia Robby Ball is formulated specifically for cool water temperatures and colored laundry items.  Each balls also comes with stain stick and refills are available so that you can keep using your Robby for years to come.

Popular in Europe for years, the Robby Wash has just become available in the U.S. at Oransi’s website or on Amazon. But just for one lucky Mommies With Style reader––your very own Robby Wash Ball! To enter, leave a comment with your least favorite part of laundry duty. Stain removal? Folding? Ironing? Finding that ever-missing sock match??  Tell us and you could win a Blue Robby Wash Ball to at least make one part of each laundry load a little bit easier.

Contest ends Monday, April 26th at midnight PST.

[Note: Oransi provided a Robby Wash Ball for this review.]


  1. Wow, sounds like a dream come true. I do wonder if it’s ok to use with cloth diapers…

    I guess the part I like the least would be the time it takes to fold the laundry.

  2. The worst part for me is folding laundry. I can never seem to find the time for that.

  3. I dislike doing laundry in general! From the sorting to deciding when to hang dry vs. using the dryer. The folding is not too bad for me, but putting all the clothing away is worst! Clothing can sit in the laundry basket for days in my house!

  4. My least favorite part of laundry is folding and putting the clothes away. Luckily I have a husband that is so patient with me and doesn’t mind going to the laundry room to pick out his clothes in the morning.

  5. I actually like doing laundry for the most part, but the Blue Robby wash ball would make it more enjoyable. I must say that after having to iron my dad’s shirts as a kid, (and he wore a nice shirt every day) I hate ironing! I hate it so much that I finally protested and refused to iron my dad’s shirts anymore! Even his attempt at bribery wouldn’t work. Thank god for my casual stay-at-home mom clothes!

  6. Least favorite part of laundry is IRONING! So much so, that I just don’t do it. Urgh! Hate it with a passion.

  7. Least favorite part is folding and putting away! It’s easy to throw the clothes in the wash, but somehow I always have piles of clean laundry that need to be put away…

  8. for me the worst part of laundry is putting the clothes away, i just hate lugging the baskets up 3 flights of stairs. also, i hate how much detergent we have to go through…i have 3 boys and it seems i’m doing laundry daily!

  9. I detest sorting putting laundry away It’s inevitable that one sock goes missing. lol

  10. By far, the worst part is bending over to take the dry laundry out of the dryer, sorting and folding. so tedious!!!

  11. By far, the worst part is putting the clothes away before they wrinkle! I’m very good about putting IN the laundry, but taking it out seems to slip my mind every time.

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