oovoo.jpg You are a mom that thinks outside the box. So break free from the boxlike bags that you have been toting and check out the curvalicious and feminine bags from Oovoo Designs.
Made from silk and canvas or leather, each bag is individually and painstakingly hand embroidered. It sounds like they would be delicate, but they are surprisingly durable. The collection reminds me of granny bags, but only a little. And only if you have a really hip granny. They have been updated and chic-ified for modern usage. The contrast of high tech and high craft is witty, ironic, and irresistible. As is evidenced in the Baroque Laptop bag that I tested. It was a comfortable bag for toting smaller 12-13 inch screen laptops. And the plastic handles are perfect for us moms who constantly need to “grab and go” with our bags and kids in tow.
Need a bigger bag that’s ready for occasional diaper duty? Make sure to check out the entire Oovoo Ouevre – they have a bag for every occasion. I recommend the Baroque Baggy for moms – an oversized lovely that would make Mary Poppins go green with envy.
Afterall, Mary’s just the nanny. And its Mama who needs a brand new bag for Mother’s day!
Order now through May 30th and receive free shipping. No code needed.

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