4542G74_red.jpgOn any given day, running errands, going to school pickups, dropping off pals after a playdate or for soccer practice, I have a half dozen children between the ages of 2 and 10 in and out my car. Which is why I have quite a collection of carseats in the back – ranging from a covertible infant to toddler seat, backless boosters and a one piece booster/harness seat. The infant/toddler seat is fixed in place with the latch system but the rest all use belts and are juggled from the third row to the second, to the trunk space depending on the size and age of the passengers involved. It is, quite frankly, a pain in the butt.
But there is an end to my constant carseat shuffle with my new Team Plus car seat from Jane USA. I am thrilled to report that this one brilliant carseat quickly and easily adjusts (without unbuckling) to seat my 3 yr old, my 7 yr old, and even my 10 yr old. This carseat is not only rated for kids 30-80 lbs, it is truly fitted for them. Adjustments are quick and easy to accomplish, without removing the seat. There are multiple height and width adjustments, making for the safest ride for all sizes. If your car has reclining rear seats as ours does, you’ll be glad that the Jane carseat also has multiple recline positions. Which makes for the glorious sounds of snoozing silence from the backseat, on longer trips.
Although my 70 lb 10 yr old is technically out of a carseat by law she found the Jane so comfortable that she actually asks to sit in it for longer trips. The head and back support and raised vantage point are all motivating for her to sit in what she used to disdainfully refer to as a “baby seat”. All three of my children/testers confirmed that the seat was extremely comfy for them to sit in. Which means we will have to get at least one more!
The thing that I loved the most about the Jane car seat is that it is the first booster/lap belt seat I have tried that uses a lap belt (which was easy to thread and also easy for my children to fasten by themselves) but also latches into my car’s latch system. Other boosters seem flimsy and unsafe by comparison, sliding all over the rear seat. It is difficult with these types of seats, to be sure that your booster will remain in the right position. This can be of critical importance, particularly in a side impact. Adding the rigid latch connectors makes the carseat outperform non-fixed seats in these types of crashes. And finally, there is the additional danger of the seat becoming a projectile object when you are driving around without a child buckled in to the seat. Ever slam on the brakes and feel an empty carseat slam into the back of your seat? Ummm… I have. It’s sobering, and is what made me start putting the boosters that were not in use, into the trunk. But with the Indy Plus I am able to leave this one carseat safely latched in place, knowing I will be able to accomodate any of my kids (or their pals) in it. No more booster juggling!
The Jane USA Team Plus carseat has exceeded US safety standards and is a seat I would recommend to anyone who’s child is aging out of their toddler carseat, or anyone who needs to keep a versatile second carseat in the car. You cannot go wrong. Check out the Jane USA website for information on dealers.

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