Kids clothes have gotten much cooler in the last three or four years. But some of them are a little too much – they end up looking like shrunken versions of gangsta wear – guns, bad words and references to mom’s boobs aplenty. I get it, we were all really sick of the fuzzy yellow duckies. But do we really need to turn our toddlers into potty mouths before they are potty trained to prove this point? I think not!
Enter Ooh La La Mama. This is cool kids clothing done right. There is a definite urban edge to their hip designs but not one that is likely to terrify poor Grandma. I love their all over fanciful and often photoreal designs. Why stick to a logo smack on the front of your tee when the whole tee can be your canvas? This is art you can wear.
Some of my favorite themes from their collection are the Rt. 66 tees and the smiling buddhas. Girly types will love their butterfly designs, hearts, crowns and roses. There are pirate/tattoo designs and yes there are skulls, that are actually stylish and tasteful. Rock out with some guitars, get down in some hot pink cheetah – from the onesies to the tees to the dresses, this line never bores or disappoints. Lions and tigers and puppy dogs are woven through their many motifs. It is a visual feast and this may be why it is taking LA stores by storm! You really must go browse the Ooh La La Mama collection to get a feel for it.
Isn’t it refreshing to see such a varied and artistic collection? Your kids will love it too as all the tees are silky soft and nice to wear.
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  1. I so love the designs! It looks great–at least we don’t have to worry about them becoming a potty mouth at an early age. A good design doesn’t need to have dirty words with it.
    I like the rockstar blue romper, by the way. 🙂

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