ss_anklestrap_metallicpinkcroc_overhead_3x3 I received a sample of pediped’s ™ couture collection before my baby was born. Having no idea that it would be wearing pink, I was taken aback. You see, I’m not used to glitter and shine. And glitter and shine is what pediped’s ™ Couture Collection is all about. Inspired by safari-style, yet juiced to deluxe, these shoes have all the qualities I’ve always adored in pedipeds ™:

  • the hand stitched soles for breathability and flexibility
  • the soft soles for free movement
  • the soft leather for protection and comfort
  • the roomy toe for wiggle room, movement and growth

… and they look smashing. Now that I’m prepared for pink and glitter and shine, these shoes totally dress up the feet: adding a little fancy-shmancy to those little toes–in the form of Mary Janes in black, pink, gold and red.

Oooh! I’m so excited to dress my little girl!


  1. Julie – the pedipeds are irresistable for the little girls…. as are just about every single outfit from Target to Gymboree! You are going to love your adventures as a girl mom. Just wait till she gets into manicures and makeovers at about 3 yrs old as she’ll love digging into all your beauty supplies too!

  2. Colleen– you wouldn’t believe (okay, you probably would) the free updos today at the township community day in the Winners Circle parking lot. Sweet & Sassy had about 8 chairs SnipIts had 2, plus manis. Girls were lined up for both. And then there was glitter for the hair, and hairspray color… it just went on and on. Its a totally different world that I’m so used to just walking by!

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