If you opened your fridge right now, what would you see? Even more important, what would you smell? Last Saturday, when I received my new Oransi Ionic Air Purifier, my fridge was packed with leftovers from the week, two bags of produce from that morning’s Farmer’s Market, thawing fish for that night’s dinner and a veggie bin that was begging to be cleaned out. The next morning after inserting the Oransi Ionic Air Purifier, my fridge smelled like….well, nothing. No fish smell. No aroma from the leftovers. No past-its-prime spinach stink. Just clean. The 4″ Ionic Air Purifier had rid my fridge of all of it.

The Oransi Ionic Air Purifier relies on a patented technology that uses negative ions to freshen your fridge instead of ozone which is used in most ionizers. The product claims it kills bacteria, reduces food spoilage, and prevents mildew as it sterilizes the fridge every two hours and neutralizes odors. The purifier is small, silent, efficient and runs on 2 AA batteries for 90 days. Plus, it’s goof-proof. Here’s how to use it: (1) Insert 2 AA batteries. (2) Place in fridge. (3) Press ON button. (4) Sniff freely.

The box says it can be used in closets and shoe cabinets. I wonder if I can sneak it into my husband’s soccer bag…

GIVEAWAY: One lucky MWS reader can win an Oransi Ionic Air Purifier. To enter, just answer the question: “What fridge – or other odor – needs to be neutralized in your house?” One entry per person. Open to U.S. residents only (no PO boxes). Entries must be received by 11:59pm Friday, October 15th. Good luck!


Disclaimer: A product sample was provided for this review.


  1. I really want one of these for my boys room. my son has nasty allergies and this would be helpful

  2. kitty litter, cloth diaper bag, 6 year old’s laundry area, husband’s soccer & running bag, husband’s car, our fridge, you name it, I got a place for a multitude of these!

  3. We had some squash rot in our fridge, so that is the stinky smell right now. I could really use this!

  4. Fridge, bathroom (son, and husband). Always more.

  5. Awesome blog and thanks for the giveaway!
    Would love, love, LOVE to win this!

  6. Jennifer M says

    The litter box! Yuck!

  7. leftover seafood smells

  8. Two Wittle Tinky Yorkies! LOL

  9. I have some broccoli in the fridge that really needs to be neutralized. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  10. Corinne Kurzmannc says

    Right now I live in an apartment and it would have to be the smells that come from my college neighbors place ( I am not sure I should even try to describe them)..I am hoping to buy a house soon and then i will need to neutralize is the smell of my cooking when it goes awry..

  11. My sister and I are of Korean heritage, and we often have kimchi. Despite our love for it, kimchi always leave a pretty big smell behind in the fridge or wherever we open the jar.

  12. Alicia Carroll says

    I have a job that requires me to walk for 8 hrs a days, in the rain. through water puddles, etc… After i get home and remove the shoes I have been wearing all day… the smell of them are so bad I have to keep them outside… which doesn’t help the smell really since dew gets all over them! would be nice to be able to keep them inside so they aren’t wet when i put them on in the morning


  13. Kathleen Gereg says

    Odors to neutralize, hmmmm…that would have to be hard boiled eggs that are a staple in our home and forever stinking up the house and there’s the saurkraut, which I make often for hubby (who could eat it for breakfast! eeuuuu) Oh,we also have 2 kittys…need I say more?

  14. Diane Baum says

    We have 3 cats and 3 cat litter boxes-PU that needs to be neutralized!

  15. My husband loves stinky food, so our fridge always smells….interesting. This product was made for us!

    sarah.stern.13 at gmail dot com

  16. We have several Korean dishes that have strong odors.

  17. Angela Winesburg says

    The cat’s litter box and dirty laundry needs to be neutralized, thanks!

  18. Monique Rizzo says

    The shoe Closet. It stinks!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  19. I keep the cat’s litter box in a bathroom. I could use it there.

  20. Amy Delong says

    both our fridges could use it!

  21. My bathrooms. Especially the one in the basement that does not seem to vent properly.

  22. Our fridge! Can’t figure out the smell….fridge smell..

  23. Gaines Simmons says

    Definitely the sea-food odors inside of the refrigerator are the worse. Thank you.

  24. Jill Myrick says

    I would love to try the Oransi for our cat litter boxes.
    Even though they are cleaned daily with four cats there is still an odor.


  25. barbara wright says

    Stinky man. My son left for college 2 months ago and I just can’t get that smell out of his room.

  26. Frances Carty says

    Bathroom is all I have to say

  27. Our refrigerator could use a new start! suelee1998 @ gmail.com

  28. my bathroom needs to be deordorized with smelly diapers

  29. my childrens rooms

  30. we’ve got 2 cats 2 birds and a hamster…

    oh we need this

  31. dog odor needs to be neutralized in my house.

  32. We have two cats. Need I say more?

  33. christopher h says

    musty closet

  34. I admit the fridge is my downfall too! The leftovers that no one ever eats are always the culprit, stuffed in some forgotten corner of the fridge.

  35. Stephanie Adkins says

    I have two cats and and potty training toddler whose odors needs to neutralized.

  36. I would like to use it get rid of an onion odor in the fridge!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  37. ShellieAndBrutus says

    The bathroom with the litterbox in it.

  38. my kids room needs to be deodorized

  39. Thanks for the giveaway…we tend to keep several varieties of aged & fresh cheeses in our fridge, and they tend to get stinky !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  40. Would love to have one to get rid of the dog smell

  41. I have thre little doggies who live inside. They cannot come and go freely to the outside b/c we have a hawk that lives on the hill behind us.(Already lost one of our kittycats)Anyway, we have a “bathroom” set up for them and although we clean frequently, I know there is an “odor” that we just can’t eradicate. I would love to try this there.
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  42. I like this product. It was really good to use and have many other benefits.

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