If you opened your fridge right now, what would you see? Even more important, what would you smell? Last Saturday, when I received my new Oransi Ionic Air Purifier, my fridge was packed with leftovers from the week, two bags of produce from that morning’s Farmer’s Market, thawing fish for that night’s dinner and a veggie bin that was begging to be cleaned out. The next morning after inserting the Oransi Ionic Air Purifier, my fridge smelled like….well, nothing. No fish smell. No aroma from the leftovers. No past-its-prime spinach stink. Just clean. The 4″ Ionic Air Purifier had rid my fridge of all of it.

The Oransi Ionic Air Purifier relies on a patented technology that uses negative ions to freshen your fridge instead of ozone which is used in most ionizers. The product claims it kills bacteria, reduces food spoilage, and prevents mildew as it sterilizes the fridge every two hours and neutralizes odors. The purifier is small, silent, efficient and runs on 2 AA batteries for 90 days. Plus, it’s goof-proof. Here’s how to use it: (1) Insert 2 AA batteries. (2) Place in fridge. (3) Press ON button. (4) Sniff freely.

The box says it can be used in closets and shoe cabinets. I wonder if I can sneak it into my husband’s soccer bag…

GIVEAWAY: One lucky MWS reader can win an Oransi Ionic Air Purifier. To enter, just answer the question: “What fridge – or other odor – needs to be neutralized in your house?” One entry per person. Open to U.S. residents only (no PO boxes). Entries must be received by 11:59pm Friday, October 15th. Good luck!


Disclaimer: A product sample was provided for this review.


  1. We’ve got an almost-four-month-old and even though we take out all diapers basically as soon as they’re off his body (we live in an apartment building so it’s easy), we could still use this for our nursery!!

  2. I am 11 weeks pregnant, so it seems like everything has an odor I need neutralized…fridge, pets, diapers, you name it!

  3. I love my kitty … but not his kitty litterit definitely needs to be neutralized!

  4. I love cooking ribs, but after I boil them to tenderize them: pretty stinky!

  5. Our fridge 🙂

  6. my kids room needs to be deodorized desperately; between poopie diapers & barfie t-shirts from my 2 kiddos it’s pretty bad….

  7. love cooking indian and thai food…but the pungent, garlicky odor needs some help!!

  8. Two words – cloth diapers! No diaper pail can contain that odor completely…would love to try this out in our kid’s bathroom.

  9. I have teenage boys and two dogs, soo I am always using candles and such.


  10. Ooh so many uses… diaper genie, the closest near my husband’s shoes, the basement near the dirty laundry, and i love the fridge idea!

  11. I’m hesitant to buy fish or shrimp unless I plan on cooking it immediately when I bring it home because the smell seems to linger in the fridge – so I’d love to have this for my fridge!

  12. Definitely my fridge.

  13. My kitchen garbage can

  14. Tricia Park says

    the Old School(people) odor that came with the house when I bought it. It has been years and every time I come home after being gone a few days it hits you smack in the face.

  15. The cat litter box needs to be neutralized!

  16. Stephanie V. says

    my hubby’s feet – nasty!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  17. We could really use that!!! When I cook curries, the whole house smells. Not that I don’t like the smell of curry but not in the whole house!!!

  18. Samantha P says

    Well, our sons diapers (no diaper pail can mask that smell) and our new dog. I never realized how much dogs stunk before!

  19. I keep dity diapers in the trash under the sink. I empty daily but it gets smelly-could use something to nuetrelize the odor.

  20. I am pregnant and already have a 9 month old, a 10 year old, a stinky hubby and 2 smelly dogs. My nose is VERY sensitive right now, and I would carry this from room to room with me to avoid throwing up,lol

  21. My doggie litter box for my senior guy needs to be neutralized.

  22. My feet !!! I wish they made ionic insoles 🙂
    thanks for the great prize !!

  23. Shannon Baas says

    pet odors

  24. Jannet Tseng says

    My dirty clothes.

  25. I have a few… the cat’s breath, my fiancee’s feet, the litter box, the leftover food in the fridge that everyone forgets… and I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of them right now. LoL Thanks for the give-away!

  26. Carol Harrity says

    My husband wears a colostomy bag and I have to help change it. The odor is so bad that I gag and can’t wait to get our the bathroom.

  27. Well for us our bathroom needs to be neutralized from odors, dont go near- stink-zone ahead, yuck

  28. i need this for my closet! small old closet without ventilation!

  29. I keep my “slop” for my chickens under my sink and the smell can tend towards anything but savory.

  30. When I make egg salad or potato salad with eggs, THAT is an order that fills the refrigerator, even though I store the salad in an airtight sealed container. The rest of the time there might be an odor from overripe fruits or veggies if I am not on the ball about using them up quickly. I need an Oransi.

  31. it’s always the onions and eggs in the fridge

  32. Our kitty box could use some neutralizing. No matter how often I empty it out I still worry about our house smelling like it.

  33. Michelle L says

    I would keep mine in the bathroom

  34. Rebecca Graham says

    The closet with the running shoes needs to be neutralized.

  35. Tonya Dean says

    My daughter’s shoes. She takes them off and ugh, it is so nasty!


  36. The smell of decomposing veggies… We can’t keep up with them, sometimes!

    sultansmom at gmail dot com

  37. There were mice living in our house before we moved in. Been trying to get the previous owners exterminator out for months. Two of our closets smell awful. I think there is something trapped and decomposing in the attic or crawlspace. Ewwwwwwwwww!

  38. Jessica Alexiadis says

    I am pregnant with my 2nd child and everything seems to make my stomach turn. My husband is Greek and my mother-in-law makes the most delicious food, with lots of garlic and onions, something my pregnant nose/stomach just can’t handle.

  39. The smell from using the deep fryer needs to be neutralized.

  40. The family room where our precious family member, Pepper the Bunny, resides. Pepper’s sister, Cinnamon, was killed when thier outside hutch was attacked by a neighborhood-four-legged-bunny-killer. Pepper got away from the beast with minor scratches, so we decided to keep her inside from now on. Unfortunately, the smell is quite noticable regardless of frequent cage changes and expensive bedding. I would love to have something that can reduce the smell and make our family room comfortable for all of its members.

  41. jennifer mathis says

    garlic My hubs always has a bunch of fresh garlic and It is strong


  42. Jen Harriman says

    My fridge always gets funky smells. Mostly because its easy for my 2 year old to get in there and open random packages to make it smell up. I’d love one of these! If it didn’t go there I’d need it by the kitchen sink. I don’t know what kind of funk is over there lol

  43. Our bathrooms – little boys learning to aim but missing the potty can make for stinky bathrooms.

  44. I’ll say the trash cans and my teenager’s clothes hamper needs it most.

  45. we have a puppy whos just doen’t want to get portty trained…i have tried everything and she even has an older dog to follow

  46. Ooooh, Lordy, what DOESN’T need to be de-stinkified in my house? Well, first of all, we have a 9-month-old who could enter the Pooping Olympics. And that Diaper Champ sure doesn’t do much to contain the aroma. Then we have two cats who have decided that they are going to eschew the fastidious cat steretype and be slobs. To top it all off, I’m severly housekeeping-impaired.

    We don’t invite people over. Ever.

  47. James Cabaj says

    In my house, the pet odor’s need to be neutralized! My Dog and Cat both get a little bit of wet food each day in their bowls, the rest of the can goes in the fridge. The lovely smells of pet food mix with all the other foods in the fridge. I entered the contest because I think the Oransi Ionic Air Purifier will be a great way to control the smells.

  48. My Kimchee emits a very strong odor.

  49. Nasty refrigerator leftover odors!!! Sounds like a great product!!!

  50. The Mud Room where dirty socks and shoes are taken off and dirty clothes from Hunting and Sports..:)

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