Not only sweet, but blowing my diet! But who can resist with such great munchies? I got a box of cookies recently from the Harvard Sweet Boutique out of Boston.
The cookies were delish (they sent an assortment), the packaging adorable and I thought this feature would be good on Valentine’s Day as a potential upcoming Easter purchase. A box of these makes an adorable, affordable and yummy hostess gift.
Select from an assortment of sweets – cookies, brownies, toffee bars and more.
So if you’re concerned about freshness and shipping – I’m in Philly and they’re in Boston, so it didn’t take too long to get to me but it did take me a few days to let the family dig in and the cookies were as fresh as can be. (They come wrapped in cellophane tied with a ribbon, inside a cute box.)
Shop the Harvard Sweet Boutique and use coupon code MWS08 for 10% off your order by February 29, 2008.

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