These cookies are so good, my Mom has been shipping them from Florida regularly (until I recently found that our local grocery store has started carrying them)
We first discovered these Newman’s Own Organic Alphabet Cookies on a trip to visit my parents. They are a great snack for babies on up through adults. They’re square cookies, each one with a letter of the alphabet on it. We love reading all the letters – hey, what could be better, healthy food that teaches?
No trans fatty acids, lower in fat than most cookies, it’s organic – and the sugar count is so low it’s hard to believe they are cookies. They taste great too. The arrowroot flavor is our favorite.
You can buy them on the Shop Natural site, use coupon code MWSEARTHDAY for 10% off your order of that or any other good on their site (they have a wealth of great organic food products so definitely work checking out).
Or you can visit this page, enter your zip code and see if anyone local to you carries them. (Or if you live in Florida, I know they carry them at Publix.)

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