merryfellows.jpgThis weekend it really started to feel like winter in Southern California. I know the rest of you are laughing at our chattering teeth in 45 degree weather, but to us – that’s COLD! My son needed a little more warmth at night and I was happy to wrap him in this unbelieveably soft and cozy organic cotton blanket from Litlle Merry Fellows, available from Ezoetic.
Although this blanket is cotton and super soft, it has the heft and warmth of an old fashioned wool blanket. And also the simple elegance. I love the bowl-of-oatmeal color and the matching toy pony is a perfect snuggle pal for those chilly (So Cal or colder!) nights.
soapnuts.jpg Ezoetic has a lot of really cool organic items to check out. One other item of theirs that I tried that I really think is amazing are Maggie’s Organic Soap Nuts. I would never have believed that something that looks like a withered berry, could actually work with my high efficiency washer to get my clothing clean, but they did! Soap nuts are an organic source of saponin. They are easy to use (put a few of the nuts in a little pouch and toss in the washer) and are extremely gentle and safe for even the most sensitive skin. And of course they are great for the environment. Want to try it yourself? Read more about Soap nuts and order the sample packet on the Ezoetic site.

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