Rarely do I get excited to review something as ho-hum as a juice box. But food and juice products deserve their time in the Mommies with Style limelight just as much as any other product, considering it’s something we think about and give our kids so often.
And I do give my kids juice on a regular basis, but I try and get organic and 100% juice as much as I can. So my interest was definitely peaked when I heard about First Juice.
Here’s what’s different and appealing about First Juice:

  • The fruits they use are all organic
  • They use fruits that are lower in sugar than the ones in traditional juices.
  • The single serve bottle comes with a spill proof sippy top, great for toddlers. (And this thing is definitely spill proof. It was shaken around and tossed in the back seat of my car and nothing came out.)
  • It apparently tastes great as my kids were fighting over it. There are only two flavors – we tried both, Apple + Carrot and Banana + Carrot.

They state it’s for 6-30 months but my 4.5 year old loved it! It’s apparently less sweet tasting but he definitely didn’t complain. It comes in the single serving size (8 oz) or 32 oz bottle (good for refilling the single serve bottle which is reusable)
So you can buy it online at their site, or it’s offered at many retailers in-store including Babies R Us (all stores), Target (select locations) and Whole Foods (all locations).

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