When I was in college, I strangely never kept an day planner. I was able to keep my day to day assignments and to-dos in my head and surprisingly, I was never late and almost never forgot an assignment. I used to pride on my super memory skills that seemed immune to my weekend antics.
So cheap beer and late nights didn’t do it but Mommyhood did, as it’s either killed off or dulled those brain cells beyond any means of functioning. These days I find myself doing a double take to the back seat in the car just to make sure I have both kids in place and didn’t leave one of them in a shopping cart somewhere two stores back.
Needless to say, remembering a specific appointment or place I have to be is well beyond this Mom’s current brain capacity. So last year, I succumbed to the life or someone who needs to use an organizer.
For 2007, I’ll use the same day planner that I used in 2006: the MomAgenda. It’s a gorgeous planner. Each day separates your agenda and your kids schedule (which I imagine will only come in more handy as my kids get older and get into sports and a million other activities.) There’s also other Note sections unique to this planner as it’s tailored for Moms: spots where you can make notes on health, fitness, parties you intend to host, vacation ideas and more.
Besides being a great organizer, it’s a cute accessory too. For 2007, I have the crocodile desktop planner, but there’s also the mini, executive edition and more. And if you aren’t sure you’d use it, you can download the free, printable version to test and check it out.


  1. The daily planner format devotes an entire page to one day. The planner format provides maximum space for our daily meetings and appointments, and is preferred for busy schedules that require room to plan the day. Most daily planners are broken-down by hourly segments.
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