Do you want to win a Hooter Hider? A Teepee for Me? A jogging stroller? Or how about a diaper bag? Because you could win any of those items the month of August on the Mommies with Style message boards!
Here it is Moms, the big end-of-summer contest I’ve been hinting at for weeks. As if our weekly giveaways weren’t cool enough, now you have a second giveaway a week on our Message Boards to potentially win. We’re calling it HOT TOPIC FRIDAY, as each Friday in August there will be a new topic for you to post and possibly win in.
Be sure to read some of the notes below as this one is different. But here’s the best part, the prizes! Five Skip Hop Duos, an ATS from Baby Jogger (yep, that’s a jogging stroller!), a Teepee for Me and an awesome goodie bag from Trista Rehn’s (from the Bachelorette) Baby Shower, donated from the Hot Moms Club.
Now I know you guys will be clamoring over this one so here are the fine points:
–This contest will be on our Message Boards. If you are already a registered member, I’m sure your trigger finger’s two seconds away from posting. If you aren’t yet registered, it’s easy to do! Visit our Message Boards, register and enter in the contest posts.
–This contest will run for the month of August, with winners each week. We’re going to have a topic a week that you have to post in – each different. You can enter with one story only for each topic, but you can enter all four if you are so inclined. Some of them will be judged by our team of writers – others are just “enter and you’re eligible” topics. We’ll let you know with each post.
–We’ll unveil the topics as we go along, with the ending date. Each topic will be up for the week.
Week one will be in honor of World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7th): a big basket of goodies from Trista Rehn’s baby shower, sponsored by Hot Moms Club (we love Hot Moms Club!). One lucky winner will receive a Hooter Hider, $150 gift set from Condessa Nursing Lingerie, an autographed copy of Hot Moms Club, the Handbook with tank top and some goodies from Suave. This is an awesome gift pack for any Mom.
Week two there will be five winners – five lucky Moms will win a Skip Hop Duo! You have to have at least 5 posts on Mommies with Style to be eligible for this round. Please no spamming in threads to up your post count; if you do so, you’ll be disqualified.
Week three will be a TeePee for Me. You have to have at least 10 posts on Mommies with Style to be eligible. Please no spamming in threads; if you do so, you’ll be disqualified.
Week four will be an ATS from Baby Jogger. You have to have at least 15 posts on Mommies with Style to be eligible. Please no spamming in threads; if you do so, you’ll be disqualified.
We’ll unveil each topic as we go along – but starting tomorrow, you can start posting to win. Look for our topic post in the morning and you can visit our Boards from there. (And in the meantime, feel free to go register if you aren’t yet a member of our site) And Moms, please register with a “normal” username and info. We get a lot of spammers on the boards and they do not get approved.


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