We’ve been wanting to take the boys to a Cirque du Soliel show for ages but for whatever reason, it’s never come together until now! When we heard that Cirque du Soliel Toruk show was coming to the Wells Fargo Center here in Philadelphia, we jumped on the opportunity to finally see a show.

Of course, it didn’t disappoint. How these acrobats are able to twist their bodies and hold their balance so well is beyond my comprehension. And the visuals! Amazing.

One cool piece I wanted to mention about this show is that it was interactive with the downloading of an app! Hubby’s company SAP actually developed the app so that was cool to see.

IMG_3272 IMG_3362

It was a free download and once in, it asked for specifics like what show we were seeing and which seat we were sitting in. This way, the app was customized for us to enjoy the performance even further! My boys loved this. They got to play with fireflies, hold up the phone to flash various colors around the audience (this was really cool to see with everyone participating).




If you have a chance to get to Toruk, or any Cirque show for that matter, I highly recommend it! We were all enthralled throughout the entire performance andI’m sure we’ll go to another one someday thanks to this great experience.



  1. Nice! We just saw it while it was in Vegas. Yeah the acrobats on this show move so well. I think I enjoyed the transition moments in the show as much as the actual acts, just because it was cool to see how they captured the Na’vi movements. Awesome that your husband was part of developing an APP for the show! It’s great to see that they’re trying to find new ways to bring the audience more into the experience. Had you seen any other shows by Cirque du Soleil?

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