bobduallie.jpgI finally found a double stroller to go anywhere. I have to be honest, I was never all that excited about strollers. Since I had my daughter last fall, I have been looking for a double stroller. Keep in mind that since I was pregnant, I was dreading having to push around a double stroller. I just wanted something not too bulky, easy to navigate, comfortable for my two kids with a basket for my stuff. We take a lot of walks when the weather is nice so a good “all terrain” type stroller is key for us.
Most recently I have been using the BOB Revolution Duallie stroller. Finally a stroller I’m excited about. It is a side by side hybrid jogging stroller thats bedn called the sports car of strollers.
1. Comfort for my children. Both of my children, ages 3 and 7 months, fit very comfortably and seem quite content to ride around. My son loves the mesh pockets on the insides of both seats for him to store his stuff (sunglasses, sippy cup, and of course rocks). It has a really nice recline on each individual seat. It has a hood that is adjustable for each seat that can fully retract or be pulled pretty far down. When reclining, it has a fabric that pulls down so they are covered in the back from wind etc. The hood also has two little sunroofs. You can pull back the fabric to reveal a clear window where you can peer down at your little ones.
2. Comfort for me. I love pushing this stroller! It navigates like nothing I have ever pushed before. When you’re pushing, it feels like it’s pushing itself. Not at all heavy to push. It handles great with turns, over curbs, I can even quite easily navigate our stroller over the shredded tire mulch in the park (where no other stroller I have tried can go). The front wheel can lock for jogging or “off-roading”, or it can be unlocked for everyday getting around.
I can navigate with ease one handed – quite key. And yes it has a basket.
3. Aesthetics. I have the navy and gray BOB Revolution Duallie. And I have to say it is one sharp looking stroller.
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