Here’s a must have to toss in the bag: be it a gym bag, a lunch bag or a travel bag: Snacktrition is nutritional health food in a yummy enough way for everyone to love.
We brought Fiber Salt and Pepper Cashews with us on a vacation this summer. Opening the 9 pounce package was the perfect touch for an evening with family, a few minutes before we left for dinner. The spicy and healthy snack held us all over until dinner was served, and I noticed several hands reaching in for repeated tastings.
Back at the gym, I recently stuck a 3 ounce bag of Snacktrition Calcium and Fiber Fruit & Nut Mix in my gym bag. Rather than filling up on snacks and carbs at the costly gym cafe, I enjoyed this yummy bag of snack. The perfect size for a post-workout snack, or for a kids lunch box.
Order a few for your next party or keep them on hand for instant healthy gratification.


  1. I have tried these and they are really good! And I like the fact that they taste fresh, not processed and are not full of salt. They taste good, and the other varieties such as almonds etc… are good too!

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