I first discovered Lexie Barnes back in 2005. My first review of her bags was of the Darling, which to this day continues to be one of my most favored bags. I now own two Darlings and although I use many diaper bags, I always fall back on hers. So I was excited to check out her new backpack line, the Duchess.
So I asked my friend Rachael (two kids – ages 4.5 and 11 months) to test out the bag, as she’s a self-professed diaper bag backpack guru. Rachael doesn’t do non-backpack diaper bags so I knew that she’d have high standards. The short of it – she’s loving the Duchess.
Here’s some of her feedback:
-biggest bonus for her is comfort. The back is padded, as is the underside of the straps, making it very comfortable to tote around.
-loves the shape and layout of the bag. the placement of the pockets is functional and accessible.
– the mesh pockets are also great for her. At first she thought they wouldn’t fit much, but she’s been hearing me rave about mesh side pockets for ages. (They are still my favorite on any bag for sippy cups/bottles) In fact, Rachael’s been fitting two bottles on one side – talk about efficient stretching!
Other perks about the bag include clips to hang the backpack from the back of your stroller.
Okay and here’s something else that’s nice about the bag. I once had a conversation with my friend Stephanie about diaper bags. She said something I think totally coined our eternal diaper bag search, “I want a small bag that is stylish and will fit tucked under my arm, but it’ll fit two sippies, diapers and wipes, all my accessories and more…” We had a good laugh, the point being that as Moms we probably want the impossible in a bag – small itty bitty stylish bag, that opens up and we can pull out the world.
And when I pulled the Duchess out of the box, I thought, hmm, this looks smaller than I had pictured and thought it would be. Therein lies another great feature IMO – I think it looks smaller than it actually is. Expanded, it actually fits quite a bit.
Use coupon code DUCHESS for free shipping on the Lexie Barnes website.

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