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This time next week, I'll be in Disneyland!  My family is headed to the west coast to check out Disneyland and be a part of the Disney Social Media Moms conference next week.  I'm over the moon.  I attended the inaugural Disney Social Media Moms Conference when it started 5 years ago (in Disney World) and I haven't been back since. Look how … [Read more...]

I could not be more excited about an upcoming trip my family has planned to Walt Disney World in Orlando.  My parents live in Florida, so we get a lot of opportunities to get to the parks for a day here and there but rarely plan the big week-long trip.  This year we decided to go for it, as we are able to combine it with my attendance at the … [Read more...]

It's been one of those months. Someone asked me how work was lately and I replied, "I'm treading water," which is a perfect description of how I've gotten along lately. Just barely getting it done. I hope to catch up this week and start bringing you guys some more regular posts again soon as it seems to be letting up! So here's what's been … [Read more...]

We were first introduced to AquaBall last month at the Disney Social Media Moms conference. Cole was a huge fan. AquaBall is flavored water - it's sugar free and naturally flavored. They use Stevia to sweeten the drink. It's loaded with vitamins and the packaging is super cute with different Disney characters on the balls. The way I look at … [Read more...]

Before attending the Disney Social Media Moms conference last month, my family was not all that interested in seeing Pixar's newest movie coming this summer - Inside Out. I had seen a brief trailer and was all, feelings inside a head? Eh? The concept seemed a bit... well, weird to me, to be honest! But then we had a screening of about 2/3 of the … [Read more...]

I've been totally MIA because the past two weeks have been some crazy scheduling. Cole had his First Communion and then we left a few days later for Orlando and Disney for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference! I will definitely be blogging about our experiences and sharing more soon but first I gotta get groceries, take to the cat to the vet … [Read more...]

I stumbled across a few fun black& white themed pins this week on Pinterest and got on a black & white kick. Here's a couple of the pins - Love these looks. So year round and versatile and you can always snazz up any of these looks with a colorful scarf or shoes if you feel like you need a little splash of color: I love … [Read more...]

I first discovered h20+ products when I got a bag of them at the Disney Social Media Moms conference back in April.  I had actually been looking for a good body scrub for awhile for my boys.  We all have dry hands in our house and it was a rough winter.  My 10 year old especially would get the dirtiest hands from his dry skin.  It wasn't that … [Read more...]

Every March/April it starts up on Facebook.   Mom friends start posting about camp scheduling and the "uh-oh, summer's closing in on me and I have to get planning" posts.  I get sucked in with the same panic and most summers we've been what I feel is overscheduled - camps, vacations and just generally running around in the same way we do in the … [Read more...]

Back in March, I attended the Disney Social Media Moms conference in Orlando.  I heard Maxine Clark, CEO of Build-A-Bear speak.  I have to admit, I didn't know much about the company.  For starters, I thought it was only for girls - which it's most definitely not. But the moment Maxine Clark started speaking, I was completely engaged.  I was … [Read more...]