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Ladies, its time to get that rear in gear for the holidays. And just in time, we're working with my favorite skincare line to give away an amazing body booster: Mama Mio's Bootcamp for Butts which promises to "lift your butt in 30 days." During the month of September, I bootcamped my boobies and butt and reported my progress and results in our … [Read more...]

After my first child, Ben, was born in late September of 2005, I was horrified at all the angry stretch marks that dotted my tummy. It looked like a train had run over my tummy! Luckily- they did fade over time. Hoping to avoid this the second time around, I decided to start using stretch mark creams and oils almost immediately. Mama Mio sent me … [Read more...]

At 31 weeks pregnant, I don't feel very glamorous. But according to fabulous Style Expert, Amy Tara Koch, author of Bump It Up ($18), it doesn't have to be that way. Last week I attended her fabulous Bump It Up Book Launch Event at NYC's W Hotel, co-hosted by Big City Moms, and sponsored by Pampers, Tide to Go, La Croix Water, Britax, Wacoal, and … [Read more...]

Admit it, we've all woken with bags under our eyes, shaved to reveal chappy, scaly skin and lost the luster of our teens. Today, I'm sharing a few products moms will love... and I'm sure appreciate. Eye Slices Professional I've always heard of it and maybe even thought of trying it. The idea of putting cucumbers or teabags on my eyes to sooth … [Read more...]

Next month, Mama Mio will introduce 2 new fitness programs aligned with some of their best-selling products: the Boot Camp in a Box Series. I scored a press sample of the series and decided to give it a go. Developed by Efua Baker, "London's Top Fitness Guru", and the Mama Mio founders, the series ties 5 Mama Mio skincare products (which smell … [Read more...]

They say that certain things head south for new moms. One minute you're pointing due north and the next, your headlights are aimed somewhere in the vicinity of Tierra Del Fuego. Which is why Mama Mio came out with the Boob Tube. Pure hope in a bottle, this lotion delivers what it promises, perkier parts. Applied daily, it really does what it was … [Read more...]

The following is a paid Advertorial from Chittypulga: SUPER SITEWIDE "SALE" AT CHITTYPULGA.COM Attention!! Mommies with Style... This is a deal alert!! Chittypulga, the little flea, is cleaning up her house and you must take advantage. Click and peek! You will find cool, stylish clothing, trendy accessories, smart toys and tasteful gifts from … [Read more...]

After the baby was born, my skin kinda went crazy. I had painfully itchy patches that I scratched so much they were becoming raw. Yeah. I know. Gross. I was desperate. I swear I spent more money on OTC creams, lotions and potions. I talked to pharacists, doctors, moms. Nothing was working. And I didn't want to try anything perscription because … [Read more...]