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Box number 2 from Stitch Fix! I went with a video this time. It's kind of long. Clearly I need to get working not only on my video skills but my STOP TALKING skills. I start showing the pieces towards the end of four minutes if you want to go directly there - the first few minutes I am explaining Stitch Fix and how the service works, so if you … [Read more...]

I posted on Monday about my first Stitch Fix box and included photos of me in each of the 5 pieces they sent over.  I loved the entire process - getting the box, trying everything on and deciding. I'll tell you guys, I was tempted to keep all 5 pieces in the end.  The reason why?  I knew for sure I was keeping the two shirts at $48 each, and I … [Read more...]

Before I actually knew what Stitch Fix was, I saw people buzzing about it on Facebook.  So when I got a little invite from Klout (it's a social media thing for you non-bloggers) to check it out, I hopped on over since my curiosity had been piqued for awhile. Stitch Fix is a monthly online service that involves you having your own personal shopper … [Read more...]

This was my second foray into using Trunk Club. Trunk Club is a clothing service; basically they set you up with a personal shopper and she does your clothing shopping for you. It's similar to Stitch Fix- if you guys are familiar with that one -but it's a little more involved in that it's more personal: a phone call or email exchange with your … [Read more...]

My friends have been buzzing on Facebook about Trunk Club for awhile. Trunk Club is a clothing service - a stylist shops for you, picks out some clothes and sends them along for you to try. It's a lot like Stitch Fix, which I've been doing for years, but it also differs in many ways. Personal Stylist: you have a personal stylist with Trunk … [Read more...]

Gotta love fall weather. I am happy as a clamthese days where it's 75 most of the day but crisper in the morning. Monday I woke up and had the best run - I went out hoping to run 4 miles. I've been fighting a cold for weeks now that has definitely mucked with my workout mojo. I went out and felt so great, I ended up running 5! I came home and … [Read more...]

Last week I was up in Manhattan for my 4th BlogHer and 2nd Blogger Bash. Both are fabulous blogging conferences/events and they happened to overlap this year. There's always an insane amount of events whenever you get a bunch of social media influencers into one city together. In my 3-4 days in New York City, I'll generally not have a free … [Read more...]

Will power. I have none of it when it comes to Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. I really did try hard to stay away this time around but well... here we are. Here are a few of my favorite savings this week. What about you? Have you shopped the sale or found any great deals at Nordstrom's Sale? Eliza J Crepe A-Line Dress, Normal Price $148 - … [Read more...]

The best way I can describe Rocksbox is that it's a Stitch Fix meets Netflix meets Rent the Runway business model. Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry subscription service. Like Stitch Fix, you have a stylist who picks out pieces for you - 3 jewelry pieces for you. But here's the difference - you can keep and borrow them for as long as you want. When … [Read more...]

Yesterday's email from Stitch Fix was themed around "From Desk to Dinner," and they featured this pink dress with a daytime office outfit and how it can easily transition to the evening: How to get this pink dress or other suggestions, you have to sign up for Stitch Fix. I have my 4th box coming soon and can't wait to see what they pick out … [Read more...]