luvlettersbirds_install Say it today and take it back tomorrow. I have commitment issues when it comes to home decor which is why the Luv Letters line from Wall Candy Arts is so awesome for me & my kids.

My kids love to personalize everything, and thus they have been begging to get their names on the wall for ages now. I’ve not wanted to stencil anything because I know they will trade rooms or get sick of it before the paint dries.

Wall Candy Arts sent me two letter A’s to try out (in pink and blue), which happens to be the initial of one of my four children. I put the A on her door and promptly ordered initials for the other three, when I saw how cute it looked and the other kids demanded Luv Letters of their own.

These letters are a great low commitment way to change up the decor, with a word, name or phrase. They come off as easily as they go on and can be repositioned and reused.


  1. The letters are cool but that sofa is amazing!!!!!!!! The fabric is completely fabulous!

  2. thanks to you for the last entry.

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