It’s every mom’s fear that your kid is going to run away from you and dash out in traffic while you are in a parking lot. Keeping an eye on an active toddler while putting a baby into a carseat or loading groceries can be tricky. Which is why the Parking Pal is a great idea. It’s a magnet with a hand on it. You stick the Parking Pal magnet on your car and instruct your kid to stick their hand on the handprint the instant they get out of the car, and wait for mom! As silly and simple as this sounds it is quite effective. Standing there where you can see them becomes a habit pretty quickly and everyone is all the safer.
Order your Parking Pal online for only $7.99. Thats such a small price for a little peace of mind!


  1. Okay, it’s an idea. But I wonder, with summer coming, is this going to burn some little hands?

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