partygirl.jpgEveryone wants their kids to shine on their special day. If ever there was a photo-op moment, it’s at a family party.
Birthdays and holidays are a very big deal for my family. We like to live it up. We like to get funky and show some spirit. Over the years we have collected quite an assembly of special day items. Including some fabulous hats and accessories from Little Daydreamers and clothing from Kid Cosmic.
Kidcosmic has been a boutique favorite and a personal favorite of mine for years. That is because they have celebration clothes down. Their fun line of clothes are practically custom tailored to fit your party theme. Choose from horses, assorted holidays, rock star, princess, sushi, tattoo prints and more. Their tiered skirts have just the right amount of twirl and sparkle to make any day special and are guaranteed to be favorite items, that little girls will beg to wear almost daily. They are well sewn and will hold up to multiple washes, still looking perfect for the next photo-op occasion, which is great news too.
Don’t worry – Kidcosmic has not forgotten about the boys. They also make adorable themed camp shirts for the guys. Even the youngest family members can get in on the party act with pattern matched plastic coated bibs that are available in many prints. Mommies with Style save 15% off all regularly priced items on the Kidcosmic website when you enter coupon code MOMMY07 now through 8/31.
We like to finish off our party ensembles with hats from Little Daydreamers and sunglasses from Dr Peepers – both divisions of the Elope company. This creative, fun and inspired company is full of fantastic themed party and dress up wear items that are just irresistable. My favorite are their birthday cake hats and crowns. Over the years we’ve taken pictures of our kids on each and every birthday in Elope’s birthday cake hat and it’s such a treasured tradition in our home. Everyone gets excited about their day to wear the birthday hat. Check out the cake hats on their site or go all out with your child’s theme choice – their dino, diva and fairy themed hats will make your birthday child feel like the ultimate party star.
You can find items from the entire Little Daydreamers and Dr Peepers lines at The Tree Builder.

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