Earlier this month, I introduced you to Verizon FIOS ® new Custom TV packaging program. Today’s post continues to talk about the program with a theme of get togethers! Customizing your TV package can be great for your social life too!

With each of these new custom TV packages, you select your bundled TV channels based on what’s right for you and your crew. So, are you a sports nut? You can pick the Sports or Sports Plus package and get everyone together for a night watching the big game!

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We’ve had plenty of parties/get-togethers with friends with a sports event on the big TV – mostly the Philadelphia Eagles but we recently had a huge group over for the Kentucky Derby in early May. There’s always so many fun ways to tie in a theme to whatever you are watching. I found an awesome recipe for Mint Juleps on Pinterest with that party and went to town before we sat down to watch the Derby. But if we’re hosting a football party, I always make my totally easy pepperoni dip which always ends up getting licked clean by the end of the night.

Or having just a night in with one of your kids is great too with just a bowl of popcorn, a sofa and a blanket. I recently did that with Nate, my 11 year old. We ended up finding the Princess Bride on one of the Entertainment channels the other day and Nate had never seen it before! We settled in with some popcorn and a comfy fleece blanketand had a great time. (And he loved the movie, by the way!)



We watched that on one of the Entertainment channels:

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 7.55.46 PM

If you’re hosting a tv-watching party, it’s always fun to come up with a theme. I like to come up with simple and easy games to play while watching something. I tried to get Nate to get up and do a jumping jack every time someone said “Buttercup” during the Princess Bride but he wouldn’t have it. Maybe you would have better luck with your crew 🙂

And with sports pools, we always love to set up little side bets. A dollar a square for football, a couple bucks on your horse for the Derby. It keeps the party entertaining and moving.

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