Full disclosure: this Passback football arrived in the mail, I opened it up and my first thought was, “what happened to this football?”

I called Cole over and he immediately was like MOM. This is the coolest thing ever, how do you not know what this is for? And then he showed me how completely ingenious this football is. It’s designed for tossing a football by yourself. How? What? You toss it against a wall with the flat side out. I did not think this would work but Cole has literally been walking around the house throwing this against pretty much every wall we have so I can promise you all, it works.

So simple and very entertaining. Get the Passback football on Amazon for $29.95.

Disclaimer: I received a sample Passback to help facilitate this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Brenda O Dailey says

    Good looking guy!!!

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