The squirmy wiggliness of babies is one of their most endearing qualities.  When it’s time for a diaper change though, the constant movement can prove to be more than a little challenging and messy.  With its circular design and 30″ diameter, the Patemm Pad offers a practical and stylish solution to diaper changing drama.  patemmpad

Grace Welch, founder of Patemm Pads, struggled to keep her wiggling child on a rectangular changing pad.  When baby #2 came along, the effort of keeping an infant still while changing became overwhelming, especially while on the go.  She knew there had to be a better way, but couldn’t find one.  So she did the next best thing and designed one of her own.  And to honor her inspiration, she named her creation after her first two children – Patrick and Emma.

The Patemm Pad’s large circular design is surrounded by pockets perfect for storing diapers, wipes and even a change of clothes.  And because it’s designed to hold so much, it serves as a sleek alternative to a bulky, everyday diaper bag.  The best feature is the ease of which you can fold the Patemm Pad all up with only one hand.  I know that this alone will save me many headaches once my little one comes along!

Crafted in San Francisco, the Patemm Pad is made with eco-friendly, PVC-free, stylish prints in CPSIA certified laminated cotton.  They truly do have some beautiful prints to choose from, several in organic cotton.  The Patemm Pads are offered in a range of prices starting at $55.  But, you can receive 10% off any order until 12/31/09 by entering coupon code MWS.

A sample of the Patemm Pad was provided for this review by the company.

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