cupcake1.jpgNo, I’m not talking about the kind of soup that you eat and is green. I’m not a big fan of it myself and neither are my kids! But we are big fans of Pea Soup accessories for kids. My daughter practically stared salivating when she saw the ice cream cone and cupcake clips and soft headbands! My son, not so much – but what does he know about hair accessories? Nevertheless, he was into his adorable blue baseball cap with a crocheted baseball on the front. He keeps saying ball and pointing to his new hat and proceeds to take it on and off and on and off! It will fit him for years to come thanks to the adjustable Velcro closure in the back.
icecreamcone.jpgNow as my daughter started wearing her desserts, she of course wanted more! So I let her try some more! The beautiful Snap Clips are perfect for little girl’s hair or to hold back those pesky wisps of hair for big girls. My daughter loved that it kept her “little hairs” out of her face! There is also a Baby Snap Clip version available that is great for babies without a lot of hair. She also loved the gorgeous no slip Pinch Clips that stayed in her thin hair. They are lined with a soft piece of Velcro for a no slip grip. She tried the pretty headbands and thought they were very comfortable.
All of the handmade products are exquisite and are made in the United States. I love finding new and unique hair accessories for my daughter. I’ll warn you, you can try just a few from Pea Soup’s collection, but like my daughter you’ll want more!
Use code MWS to save 15% off your order until January 15, 2009.

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