It’s something that every new parent worries about. Is my baby breathing normally? How would I know if they stopped breathing, even for an instant? This constant worry can lead to sleepless nights and a lot of anxiety. But the reality is that as parents, we need to sleep as well. And staying awake to watch the baby sleep, is not such a reasonable option long term. And no, smacking your spouse to make him go check (and possibly wake up) the baby all night long is not acceptable either. Just because he’s not breastfeeding and can drink the full-test at Starbucks does not mean sleep deprivation is ok for him either.
Fortunately for me, and other nervous moms and dads out there, we can now get a much better night’s rest thanks to the BabySense V monitor from BabySafe.
This monitor is easy to set up and simple to use. It slips under the mattress of your bassinet or crib and monitors the even the slightest movements your baby makes while breathing during sleep. It will sound a loud alarm if your baby does not move for 20 seconds, or if the unit detects less than 10 micro-movements per minute. You can learn more about how the monitor works by watching this video about the BabySense V.
I like that this unit is separate from the video/sound monitors that we plan on using. It’s not affected by interference and does it’s dedicated job without needing to be connected to a wall outlet or plug. The unit is compact and can come with us when we travel – it works in porta cribs as well as standard cribs and bassinets.
To learn more about the BabySense V movement monitor, or to purchase, visit the website.


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