In the last three and a half years since I had my first son, things have changed. Way back then, we didn’t have so many options for babywearing and few people had heard of or used nursing cover ups. I was practically a cave woman with my blanket tossed over my shoulder as a makeshift cover up and my shoulders hunched from the constant slingless carrying of my poor elder son.
It’s all different now and not a day goes by where my three month old is not “slung”. With three older siblings he is a baby on the go: eating and sleeping on the run. Peanut Shell pouch slings and cover ups have made this so much easier and more fashionable for both of us that I cannot praise them enough.
I have the reversible sling in thereversible Royalty pattern (of course). It’s super comfy to wear my baby in, with the nice deep pouch. He always feels secure in there and unlike some other pouch slings I have tried out, I feel secure with him in there as well, the extra depth gives the pouch a nice sit, I never feel like he is about to fall out.
Because it’s always fun to coordinate, I have the nursing cover up in Royalty as well. I just love the heck out of that thing. With my other kids school schedules taking me here there and everywhere all day long, I am constantly breastfeeding in public. And while I would not especially want to expose myself anywhere, I really would not want to expose myself at my 11.5 yr old’s end of the year school party. Can you imagine my daughter’s trauma? If anyone is a bigger fan of the Peanut Shell nursing cover up, than me, it’s my tweeny and modest daughter.
We’ve gotten such constant use out of the sling and coverup that my three month old son actually recognizes the distinctive Royalty print at this point. He sees the black and white pattern and immediately laughs with joy, knowing that a meal or a snuggle is close by. A full tummy and a snuggle, that’s some pure happiness! And with my Peanut shell accessories, it’s a happier experience for all. If you are looking for well respected and high quality pouch sling and matching nursing cover up, check out Peanut Shell today!


  1. I know! 🙂 It’s so uncomfortable breastfeeding in public without that gear. Sigh. So I always cover my baby and my breast if we are outside somewhere. I hope there’s a sling and a nursing cover up available here.:)

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