Awhile back, I reviewed the Find It toy for kids, a long tube filled with toys hidden inside of bead like pieces inside of the tube. My kids love shaking the tube and trying to find each object on a regular basis.
So I was really excited when I heard about the Peek-A-Boo bag, a mom-made toy that’s travel-sized and is a similar concept to the Find It toy. These bean bag sized toys are filled with hidden toys. A list is tacked to the back of the bag, children are challenged to try and shake and move the bag to find each item (the items have the picture next to the word for pre-reading aged kids). There’s an ABC bag where kids have to find each letter of the alphabet as well as a Sugar and Spice bag with girly items for girls. (Boys can get the “Rough N Tough” bag)
Each bag comes with a fabric loop so you can easily attach it to a stroller or diaper bag.
We took one bag for each boy on a recent trip and they were a huge hit. You can get them on the Mom4Life website – click through this link exclusive to Mommies with Style readers to receive 8% off your order. When you get to her site, search for “Peek-A-Boo” and the toy will come up.


  1. So glad you have enjoyed your Peek-a-Boo bags, thanks for sharing!

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