When my girls were younger we had a Peg Perego Pliko Stroller. Wow did we use that stroller. We ran it into the ground, although it’s not quite fair to say that. Even after all the abuse it was handed, it still worked well. Our old Pliko was fast and easy to fold, large enough for a bigger child to sit in, and reclined enough to accommodate a napper. It became our Disney Stroller of choice – never slowing us down when we took the tram, the monorail or the train. At the end of a long day, when little legs were too tired to walk to the parking lot, we were oh so grateful for the foot rests on the back that allowed big sis to hop on between the handlebars while Mom and Dad hightailed it to the car.
And yet, when we had our sons, we moved on. Maybe we were dazzled by all the new strollers on the block. Maybe we can blame sleep deprivation. But we strayed. Seriously Peg Perego, we’re so sorry!
Recently I had the chance to try out the newest Pliko Stroller, The Switch. I’m kicking myself for not remembering my old friend Pliko sooner. We’re big Pliko fans again, and we love this new incarnation even more than the original.
Click on the Extended Entry for more photos and to hear what we love about the Pliko Switch and why it’s our son’s favorite ride at present.

The Seat and Frame:
Unlike our old Pliko, the Switch has the ability to be used both forward and rear facing. In order to accomplish this magic feat, the entire seat is removeable. It clicks easily onto and off of the frame and can be stored together with the folded frame, or folded on it’s own. This is especially handy if you have limited space and/or a small car trunk. The Pliko stroller frame readily accepts a Perego carseat as well, making it a top choice for parents who are looking to buy into a travel “system”.
The actual Pliko seat is well padded and comfy. The fabric is durable and easy to wipe clean. The hood is quite generous, keeping our baby entirely in shade while napping at noon on a sunny So-Cal day.
The seat is also very tall and wide enough that my four yr old could catch a lift in it if need be. But of course he would rather hop aboard those famous foot rests on the back of the stroller and stand up while we walk. I really like the way this set up works. Unlike a buggy board there is no attachment to get in the way of my stride and get tangled up when I fold the stroller. And there is nothing to add or remove – the footrests are just there. It gives me confidence when crossing streets and walking through parking lots, to have my older son standing on the footrests. He is too independent to ride in a stroller at this point, but not independent enough to safely walk on his own through a busy parking lot. I should note that the foot pedals really were only comfortable for my son to climb onto, when the baby was facing forward. He was able to ride with the baby rear facing, but it was awkward with his little bro grabbing at and kicking him!
My 10 month old son’s favorite feature of the Pliko Switch is the uniquely styled five point harness that allows full range of movement, rather than holding him strapped to the seat. He is thrilled to be able to sit up and turn sideways, safely. He is a very active child and this was not something that was ever a problem with my others. They were content to sit in strollers. He is not, unless he is asleep, or it is this one! I am happy that despite the fact that he is hopping around like a little acrobat in there, he is still safely harnessed. He is also a huge fan of the included snack tray.
There was no learning curve when I went to unfold the Switch frame. The frame works the same simple way our old one did. Pull up two levers on the handlebar, and then lift the handle on the back. The whole thing collapses, fanlike. Check out the video below for a graphic demonstration on how the Pliko works.

The Push:
The Pliko delivers a smooth ride for a lightweight stroller with smaller wheels. It is nimble in urban settings and for indoors strolling. I would not recommend this one for rough terrain however. It is a very stable stroller even with a reasonable (read: stocked diaper bag) amount of weight on the stroller, or a child riding on the foot pedals. The handles are height adjustable, and it is possible to steer one handed. The included cup holder was a nice touch!
I would definitely recommend this stroller, particularly to parents of active children (like my son) who do a lot of hopping in and out of cars and on and off public transportation. It is an elegant and sturdy solution that you will be happy with for a good long time, from the infant stage on through toddlerhood and even after a sibling arrives. We’ll see you at Disneyland!

Addtional Product Details:

* One-hand folding – very compact when folded
* Backrest reclines to four positions and leg rest adjusts to two positions
* Five-point “Freedom of Movement” harness for the security and well-being of your child
* Hinged front tray opens easily or may be removed
* Hood has a peek-a-boo window and handy pocket, and it unzips to become a sun canopy
* Large, practical storage basket holds all the necessities
* Telescoping handles are comfortable and ergonomic
* Improved side cup holder adjusts to accommodate larger bottles and can be quickly attached and removed
* Non-skid rear footboard provides room for an older child to ride, too
* 6.5″ spring-suspension wheels feature swivel/ lock action in front and “one-step” linked brake cable system in rear
* Convenient side carrying handle
* Removable upholstery is hand-washable
* JPMA* safety certified
* Made in Italy
Pliko Switch Dimensions
When Opened
Height: 41.5″ / 105,4 cm
Length: 34″ / 86,4 cm
Width: 22.5″ / 57,2 cm
When Closed
Height: 42″ / 106,7 cm
Length: 15.5″ / 39,4 cm
Width: 16″ / 40,6 cm
Weight: 19 lb / 8,6 Kg
For a list of Peg Perego Pliko Switch retailers, see the Peg Perego USA site.


  1. Thank you for reviewing this stroller. I having been thinking about getting this stroller, but there are not many reviews out there for it yet.

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