pekemoe Aroundthis house, swaddling is all the rage(she’s sleeping through the night and Ithink a lot of that has to do with swaddling.) But not all babies like to be swaddled. Some, in fact, kick out of it right away needing access to hands, feet and a little freedom.For parents of unswaddled babies, there’s now aproduct to “bag” your babiesand keep themwarm withoutwrapping them tightly.

Checkout the Peke Moe, a product made of 100% natural cotton. Its a great alternative for babies who refuse to swaddle tightly.The Peke Moe is alsoa safe alternative to blankets to keep baby warm and safe from scratches.


  1. Wow, this is just what we need, have been looking for something to help de-swaddle/transition our little girl from the swaddle and this is perfect. Thanks for the link! Kate – Alaska

  2. these are a great product, and its a wonderful NZ company!!

  3. I used these for my son when he was an infant and they are WONDERFUL!!! The company is great too.

  4. thanks for mws for promoting our Peke Moe we have a special for Facebook Fan Members which finishes tonight check it out 🙂
    kind regards
    Gina – Peke Moe

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