A child’s playroom doesn’t need much. A few baskets, maybe some shelves, a table, and, really, you’re set. Less is more is so true when it comes to inspiring imaginative play.
But even the table and shelves can be cumbersome, so it becomes important to search for quality products. Products that will withstand the test of friends climbing on them, leaning across Candyland — with a whole body on the table to get to King Candy, and Grandparent weight. And, of course, it may be a playroom, but you want it to look as good as the rest of your house.
Jennifer DeLonge, up-scale children’s furniture designer, and designer to the stars, creates distinctive pieces for an up-to-the-moment style. A favorite of Gwyneth Paltrow, Courteney Cox-Arquette and Mira Sorvina, deLonge is the wife of Blink 182’s Tom deLonge, and designer extraordinaire in her own right. Her children’s furniture evokes a sleek, mod style, one so “normal” that it could easily be subbed in as adult furniture. In fact, during an impromptu get together in our yet unfurnished-basement (well, “Mommy and Daddy’s Playroom” is still unfurnished) we grabbed our Grace Table and pulled it in between our sofas– the guests would never had known that it, in fact, wasn’t our coffee table (though the color didn’t exactly match our mix of leftover-from-singledom couches.)
The Grace Table is firm and secure–so much more so than those I considered from popular children’s furniture retailers. The stools, mini-replicas of the table, are in fact so strong they held my father-in-law during his extended visit to Wesley’s Diner.
So easy, a 4-year-old and his Daddy spent less than an hour putting this table and 2 chairs together, while Mommy assembled the other 2 chairs. (It probably would have taken less than 15 minutes if a. the 4-year-old weren’t there and b. Daddy’s drill had been charged and we didn’t have to hand-screw in all the pieces.) Regardless, this Mod piece is a highlight of our playroom.
Other deLonge products have impressed me for a while. I’ll never forget meeting a Jennifer deLonge sales rep at a trade show a few years ago. He jumped, several times, on one of the Ava chairs. Then hopped from the chair to the Ottoman, and jumped back again. Obviously, he was well-practiced. But I have to tell you, I was very impressed with the look, quality, and craftmanship. Impressed enough to mention to my husband just how cool it would be to have one of these for each kid. (We don’t, yet.) She’s also recently introduced a line of Mommy Jewelry that fits in the modern, sleek style of her furniture.
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