Hey all. Remember earlier this month when I took a couple of friends and we went for pedicures thanks to a campaign I’m doing with Skinny Cow? Well Friday was my birthday, which turned out to be fab timing because I was off to Nordstrom for an appointment with a personal shopper to help me try on some great styles and pieces so I could look stylish yet be comfortable in my own WoCave (woman cave).

And as I said, the timing was right – not just because it was my birthday and shopping was a twist-my-arm activity for my birthday but also the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going on so I scored some awesome items at great prices!

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 1.33.05 PM

So first things first.  In case you missed it, I am doing a summer campaign with Nestle’s Skinny Cow and their WoCave campaign. If you’re a woman and you like sweets, chances are you have heard of Skinny Cow. They make awesome frozen low-cal desserts that you can find in your grocery store freezer aisle. Years ago, I had eaten a lot of Skinny Cow when I was calorie-counting and to be honest I had forgotten about them. But I’ve been tasting the new products and while I’m not currently calorie counting, I’m enjoying them just the same!  In fact, we can barely keep the products in our house because my kids are all over them too.

This month we tasted the Skinny Cow Snickerdoodles and they are tasty!

So now?  Onto my fun day. I headed over to my local Nordstrom in the King of Prussia Mall after having a nice birthday lunch with a friend.


There, I met my personal shopper Scott, who had texted me while I was at lunch to ask all of my sizes.  By the time I got to Nordstrom, he had already set up an entire dressing room full of looks and ideas for me!  I had an awesome time trying everything on.  It truly felt like being a little girl in my Mom’s dressing room and I enjoyed every minute. 20130728-200850.jpg

Hello beautiful Frye boots that I was dying to get but would have totally broken the bank:


Blurry iPhone photo because I’m a bad blogger and brought my camera but with no SD card so all of the photos are off my phone. But I loved this look – the jean jacket was a bit big but the combo of the navy and white dress with the jean jacket and the Frye boots? To. die. for. (Also about $800 for the outfit pictured so I passed.)


Some of the stuff he picked out for me was a miss too.  Felt like this top and shoes were really frumpy-looking on me: 20130728-200931.jpg

As well as this skirt?  Looked a little old lady. Am I right?


But then this dress and heels knocked my socks off. The dress is Dolce Vita and was also close to $300 but the shoes were Ivana Trump and only $78 during the Anniversary Sale!  If I didn’t already have several pairs of great heels in my closet I would have gotten them.  They were also SURPRISINGLY comfortable for heels.



I was seriously DROOLING over this next outfit.  The top is Ella Moss and $178 so again, it was tough to splurge on a short sleeve tee that wouldn’t last too much longer given the price.  But I just adored it.  The next photo shows that he had me pairing it with a taupe leather jacket – smokin’ hot!  Definitely could work into fall if I were to do the jacket too.  The jeans are Paige and the heels are the same Ivana Trump heels.



Then this.  Swear to God.  How are you supposed to wear this without showing everyone London & France?  HELLO UNDERWEAR?  This one went back into the no thanks pile pretty quickly.


Then my personal shopper redeemed himself with this gorg dress.  Being a bad blogger (again), I didn’t catch a picture of the tag to tell you who makes it but it was $178 and almost came home with me until I had to get rid of it because I had too much in my bag already.  But super cute, lightweight and it had some great detailing on the top.

20130728-201050.jpg In the end, this is what I got.  It’s so me. It’s the Max & Mia Crinkled Maxi Skirt (normally $78, on sale for $46.80 with the sale) It’s meant to be a skirt but it can also be made into a dress (in my opinion!) so I love the versatility of it.  This is probably the 4th or 5th skirt/dress I have like this in my closet and it just goes so far to be able to wear it both ways.  Plus the red?  Fun, right?  It comes in a bunch of colors and obviously I’ll wear it out with out the purple bra straps 🙂


Here’s a top I got too.  This is the Halogen Draped Stretch Modal Top (right now $29 on Nordstrom.com thanks to the Anniversary sale)  May not necessarily wear them together (although it works!) but love the top for pairing with jeans and wanted to show you guys how the Max & Mia looked as a skirt.

There were definitely some other great pieces but I had to choose wisely otherwise hubby would have blown a gasket!  Skinny Cow was generous enough to give me a gift card but as it was, the Anniversary Sale pulled me in and I went well over the price of the card on other items (like some cute Alex & Ani bracelets and cute wedge heels – review coming in another post!)

I got home from my birthday shopping experience to find a box full of these goodies that my boys were already all over having a taste of.  Thanks Skinny Cow!


If you love Skinny Cow too, there’s a Twitter Chat today at 3 pm ET that you can follow along with. The hosts are @theinspiredroom and @theSkinnyCow and the first 25 people who tweet a question to Melissa Michael @theinspiredroom will receive a free Skinny Cow Coupon! Cool! The hashtags are #WoCave, #SkinnyCow and #askMM to ask the questions.

Disclaimer:  This post is a part of a 3-part series I’m doing this summer for a campaign with Skinny Cow.  I am being compensated for my participation.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. LOVE tshirt/fab jeans/heels/leather

    When will it be Fall, already?

    Happy Birthday!

  2. I love those Halogen tops – I always pick up one or two at the Anniversary sale. And those boots …. I may need to go get those boots!

  3. This post just really reminds me that I need to make some me-time and do some serious shopping! Everything looks great on you. Also a big fan of Skinny Cow, yum.

  4. Loved what you ended up with in your bag- you will laugh though : I thought the light blue top you called ‘frumpy’ looked beeeee-you-tea-full on you! no kidding- loved the way it elegantly draped. . and i liked the blue flats too!
    oh well- different strokes for different folks- do agree though with your other choices- sounds like a fun shopping adventure- and yes, I do put Skinny Cow in the very tasty category too.

  5. That looks like SO much fun. You know how I love Nordstrom! Great picks. I especially love the jeans/heels/leather jacket outfit.

  6. That blue dress is amazing! Also, now you have me craving Skinny Cow…

  7. I love the frye boots and the blue dress! Gorgeous! I think I need a personal shopper…

  8. So fun. I LOVE Skinny Cow. Your shopping trip looks fab.

  9. I liked the draped blue top too!!!! It’s elegant on you!!!

  10. In the words of Napoloen, “LUCKY!!”

    You look awesome in those outfits.

  11. Thanks for sharing your shopping trip with us! I hate shopping but I enjoyed sharing your experience.

  12. Love the heels and yes, they are to die for! And the dress is also nice…this is major fabulous! Happy Birthday to you, hope you enjoyed your day…look like you did!

  13. Amber Phillips says

    If you are interested in setting up a complimentary Personal Stylist appointment at Nordstrom King Prussia, please email Amber Phillips at Amber.D.Phillips@nordstrom.com or call 610-265-6111 ext 1745. I look forward to hearing from you!

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