Our family finally joined a gym. The first few days, I played it safe with the treadmill and classes. I know how they work. But the machines and exercise equipment were so intimidating. Even with my complimentary meeting with a trainer, I still wasn’t confident or creative enough to create a routine. Even more… if I did the same routine every single time I stepped foot in the gym, I’d be really, really bored.
Whitney introduced me to Sane Fitness: A 6-week program that guides you through a one-hour workout, created by a working mom and her trainer. Inside your little box are 36 cards, along with instructions and tips. Select the cards for your day, clip them onto the supplied lanyard, and… GO! You start with 20 minutes of cardio–your choice. Personally, I like a brisk walk on the treadmill, while catching up with Reg and Kel on the TV. Following, you’ll follow your selected cards to complete a combination of weightlifting exercises, abdominal exercises and stretches. Sane Fitness’ program mixes it up from day to day so you’re not bored with the same old routine. For the workout novice, each card contains easy to follow instructions as well as pictures showing the exercise. The instructions guide you through determining your level and setting your pace.
Without a gym membership? No excuse for not getting in shape! You can still do the Sane Fitness program with a home gym. And I’m not talking about a giant machine that’s going to take up your entire family room. With just a few items, you’ll be on your way toward fit. And, through the Sane Fitness website you can purchase this gym for 20% off.

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