Everybody loves personalized items, I know because it’s one of our more popular reviews on here. Which makes sense to me as who doesn’t love something that’s unique to you. I recently checked out items from Kind Living Designs, a storefront that offers handmade gifts and stationary items.
I love the journals. I got a mini sized one for me with a big W on the cover, and it’s great as I’ve been stashing it in the front pocket of my diaper bag and I’m using it for jotting down random notes and thoughts. (Because I always have the answers to life when I’m in some inconvenient spot like the grocery store and then can never remember… so now I have no excuse, right?) And my oldest son got one with his name on it in a big book – he’s been carrying it around all excited as it has his name and a sports theme. He’s been using it to draw all sorts of random artwork whenever he gets inspired.
In addition to the journals, Kind Living Designs carries aprons, tote bags, backpacks and more. What’s neat too is that you can pick your design from an extensive design library and I promise there’s something for everyone there.
By the way, all items purchased on Kind Living Designs are 100% recycled. I love that. As you guys know from our recent Earth Week, we love earth-friendly products here and the products on Kind Living Designs fit the bill.
Shop Kind Living Designs and use coupon code MWSR for 20% off your order.

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