Awhile back, I reviewed Change is Strange’s “No More Pacifier,” a story which helps your child adjust to not using a pacifier anymore. I’m happy to report that my son stopped using his over six months ago. It was a big deal, of course.
Now we have another big change coming to our house – a new baby due in this week! We’re reading another one from Change is Strange, titled, “We’re Having a Baby.” This one, you can personalize with the new baby’s gender, the new baby’s name (if known) and the older sibling’s name. And the story is a nice way to help kids transition and deal with the change coming (or that recently came) in their lives.
Change is Strange also has a first day of school book, as well as a book on Mommy and Daddy taking a trip. Check out the whole Change is Strange series and use code “mommies with style” for free shipping on your order.

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