Enough of the bland, add some spice to your baby’s meals with Petite Palate’s Gourmet Organic Baby Food. We loved their Apple Pear Blend which contains apples and pears, with lime juice, cinnamon and vanilla. Much better than plain ‘ole applesauce, this container was devoured by my seven month old daughter. She also adored the Banana Peach Blend, which is bananas, peaches and ginger. I was impressed how light this puree was — usually any puree with bananas that I’ve given my child is so dense. The Puree of Garnet Yams was delish too, but it took my baby a couple of times to start enjoying it. It’s made with yams, vegetable stock, parsley, bouquet garni (made of parsley and thyme), plus cinnamon and nutmeg. My toddler, who we call the "The Vegetable Avoider", actually gobbled all the Split Pea Stew, which contains split peas, vegetable stock, red potatoes, onions, carrots, olive oil, garlic, thyme, pepper, and oregano. The product comes in 4 oz paper containers and arrived perfectly frozen at my door.

Petite Palate was started by Lisa Beels, a graduate of Cordon Bleu in London and Christine Naylor, a graduate of the California Culinary Institute. They started creating baby food together during playdates when their sons were babies. Their philosophy is that infants are born with taste buds that should be nurtured from the first taste of solid food. Judging from the way my children enjoyed their Petite Palate meals, they’ve succeeded!

You can order through or find a New York or Connecticut retailer here.


  1. I wasn’t actually fortunate enough to be able and try this on my own little guy, but I have heard some really great things about this product and given that its organic makes it just really that much more enticing. And I definately agree that kids are born with taste buds… never could get my monkey to eat anything bland and tasteless!!

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