Have you guys heard of UNIQLO? They are a Japanese clothing company that is huge in Japan that has somewhat recently come to the States. I say somewhat recently because they have actually be here since 2005 with a few stores having opened but it was a bit of a soft launch until recently. They are doing so well that they have started expanding like crazy and I’m thrilled to be hosting a Girls Night Out at their latest new store opening here in the Philadelphia area – UNIQLO at the Montgomery Mall in North Wales.

If you live in the area and want to join me for shopping and a girls night out, this event is open to the public and I would love to see you! You can RSVP here or by clicking on the invite. There’s going to be some fun giveaways so if you live nearby, don’t miss it!
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So UNIQLO was kind enough to send me some cool pieces to try on to wear to the event on Thursday so you guys can get a sneak peek into what I’ll be wearing here!

By the way, UNIQLO isn’t just for women – they make men’s and children’s clothes too. I got a couple of cute outfits for my boys that I will feature in future post. In the meantime – what I loved about what they sent me is the versatility and the price. Nothing here will break the bank and I think these are great transition pieces – good for warm weather in the summer but you’ll see how I changed it up to make them fall pieces.

Here I am wearing the women’s ponte sleeveless dress (sale price, $39.95)and the IDLF Courduroy Jacket ($89.95). I added in some tights and ballet flats for that photo.

Here’s that same Ponte dress without the jacket – I wanted to show off the pockets to you guys. The material on this dress was a heavier material – nice for the fall.

They also sent me this Women’s Flare Sleeveless Dress which is $19.90. It’s a thinner material – I was actually wearing a white bra and you could see it A LITTLE bit up close. No biggie (that’s not the bra but the size sticker that is showing – forgot to take off for the photo!) I like this dress a lot for the price and for layering. The wine color seemed great for the fall too.

Showing it off with the blazer over it.

Up close with the blazer – cute buttons.

And I wanted to show it to you guys with boots too. Not sure how I will go Thursday – depends on the weather! We’re in that fall weather pattern where it can be 75 or it can be 40 out depending on the day.

What do you guys think? Cute, right?

If you’re in Philly, please join me Thursday! And for those of you who aren’t, you can shop UNIQLO online and there happens to be a coupon code right now – use NEW20 to get $20 off $150 purchase.


  1. I love and want that Ponte dress! I have seen the sign, but didn’t go in because I wasn’t sure what it was – now I have a reason to go in.

  2. Can I just say that i ADORE your style?? I love all these looks especially that ponte dress! The colors also are so fabulously rich and fall-like! definitely heading to my store at the mall!!

  3. So fun to find a new shop with fresh looks just in time for Fall! Wish I lived closer but good to know you can shop online too ~ good luck with the event!

  4. What a cool event and yes, SUPER cute. LOVE Uniqlo!

  5. Love those Ponte dresses!! They look so comfy and are great staples you can dress up or down!

  6. Cute! I love that dress!

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