Back in May, I first heard about the iPhone app Hipstamatic from fellow Philly blogger Cecily.  She took a group shot of a few of us at an event up in NYC with Hipstamatic.  This neat little app puts an old school spin and look on your photos by using different lenses of choice on the application.

I had forgotten about it until last week, when I decided to download it and give it a whirl.  It does great things with photos on your iPhone.

But see it for yourself in my photos below.  Last weekend, we went down to the Jersey shore and Long Beach Island, New Jersey.  Saturday afternoon we took a little trip over to Barnaget Lighthouse.  I took these three pictures with my iPhone but used a different “lens” for each photo on my iPhone.  (There are 3 lenses that come with the purchase of the $1.99 app.  Additional lenses may be purchased.)

Pretty neat, huh?  Which one do you like.  I’m still playing with each selection but I find I’m liking the top two the best, depending on the situation and the lighting in the room.  Not bad for $1.99 and my little iPhone camera, right?


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