My family recently got our first ever professional photos done. And while I don’t know why it took us so long to do it, I’m thrilled that we finally did. The question now is: What to do with these awesome photos? The grandparents and great-grandparents are always fans of family photos, but I wanted to do something beyond just prints. Here are some great photo gift ideas.

Magnets: Cards are nice. I like getting holiday cards. I like giving holiday cards. But come January…I throw them away. I know, I know. There are some of you that hold onto them year after year to see the kids grow and reread the witty updates, but I think a good percentage of people throw your lovely family photo in the trash. But the magnet! The magnet easily attaches to the fridge of Grandma or Auntie or BFF. And all year long, they are reminded of your adorable, well-behaved children and that day your hair looked awesome. Visit and check out their collection of 3×2″ or 4×6″ magnets. Starting at $4.99.

Puzzles: My grandparents are puzzle nuts. I’m sure they’ve done all the snowy forest, floral garden and cityscape puzzles they can handle in their lifetime, so what better gift than a puzzle of the grandkids? Maybe if I get my act together, I can even get a picture of them holding an adorable “We love you!” sign or something equally adorable. Visit and check out their 8×10, 110 piece puzzles for just $13.99

Photos-to-Canvas: I love how printing your photos on canvas immediately ups the status of your prints from photos to art. Frames are great and very useful, but for those prints that you won’t have the desire to swap out in a few months, try getting them printed on Canvas orĀ  Visit and check out their framed, collage and fine art canvas prints.

Jewelry: Those beautiful family pictures don’t have to be quarantined to the walls. Wear them! Constructed out of sterling silver, photo charm bracelets and necklace are the perfect way to show off your favorite family pics. I’m dropping hints to my husband for this one below. Visit to see the entire line of photo jewelry.

Note: MWS was not paid for this review. Snapfish provide product samples for the review.

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