phototales.jpgThe world revolves around them and now the story does too. Thanks to Phototales, a new company producing amusing stories for children that utilizes pictures of them and their parents.
There are four stories to choose from : A “Potty Story”, a “Birthday Story”, a “When I Grow Up” story that features your child in an alphabetically arranged array of careers and a funny and adorable “Princess Story” about a carrot loving princess. Each book is custom created and bound for your child, and features them as the main character. It’s a special keepsake to enjoy now, and all of you to cherish later.
Kids love to see their names in print and add in their pictures, and you have a recipe for sheer delight. Even my 7 and 10 yr old daughters loved their books so much that they both insisted on bringing them in to school to show them off to their classmates and read to their class. And I’m hoping that the potty book I’m ordering will motivate my son to use the potty sooner too. Something about “seeing” it, making him believe it!
Ordering the books is simple. Mommies with style get 10% off when you enter MWS10 at checkout in the comments box on the last page of checkout (not the coupon code box). You will be charged the regular amount, and then refunded the 10% back.

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