taggoggles1 My daughter loves wearing her goggles in the pool. Of course, when she takes them off and leaves them poolside, they are left along with everyone else’s! Before we had Taggoggles on her goggles, it was nearly impossible to find which ones were hers. Now that she has them, her goggles stand out from the others and are easily recognizable!

Taggoggles are so cool! They are square clips that attach to goggle straps so that your kids will always know which goggles are theirs. How neat is that?? They are 5/8” squared in size so your kids can attach as many tags as they would like to their strap to show off their team spirit or show their creative side. They can spell out their name or choose from over 150 designs to clip on to their goggle strap!

Let you kids customize, identify and express themselves with Taggoggles! You’ll be thrilled taggoggles2 how easy it will now be to identify their goggles! Use code MWSFREE to receive free shipping on your order!

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