So I’m back from a family road trip to Ohio. I had been invited to a quick trip to the Proctor & Gamble offices in Cincinnati for a two day conference with a few bloggers. I jumped on the opp since my parents and sister live out that way too and we spent the full week out there!

The trip was a ton of fun and I really had a fab time the days I spent at P&G.  I stayed at a cool hotel called 21c and will bring you some photos on my family travel site, Family Travel Diary but for a quickie I wanted to share with you these photos I snapped in the P&G Archives. Spending an hour touring the archives was truly one of the highlights of the trip as it was really cool to see some of the history behind the products.

Here’s one I had to leave you one with today.  The first Pampers diaper in 1961.  It literally looks like two paper towels put together, right?  And how did it close?  Safety pins!  Ouch!





And can you imagine buying a box that only had 9 diapers in it?  How long would that last, like a nanosecond? My hat goes off to all of the ladies who raised kids in the early 60s – it definitely wasn’t easy from a disposable diaper perspective.  (Second hat and thank you to P&G for coming a long way by the time I had my first baby in 2003 and was able to buy large packs of leak-proof diapers with self adhesive!)


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