Listen up, because I’m about to rave like a crazy lunatic about something as minor as diaper rash cream. Of all the products I’ve reviewed in the past three years, Pinxav Diaper Rash Cream is one I’ve written about a number of times. (I even named it as one of my top 10 products for 2006) Because it’s that good.
And once again, Pinxav came to my baby’s (butt’s) rescue.
Last week we were in diaper rash hell – the kind of diaper rash I hadn’t seen ever before. At almost 11 months old, the baby was having one of those poop-every-hour weeks and as a result ended up with the most horrible diaper rash. It was raw, red and looked like it was about to bleed in spots. He would cry every time I even came hear him with a wipe.
I had been using various creams we have in the nursery: Balmex, Butt Paste and Pinxav. I took him to the pediatrician and she told me to use whatever we had with the most zinc oxide in it. So I went home and here’s the low down from my nursery:
Bourdreaux’s Butt Paste=16% zinc oxide
Arbonne’s Herbal Diaper Rash Cream=12%
Pinxav=30% *
I went straight for the Pinxav as desperate times call for desperate measures. I spent 24 hours literally loading him up with it and within that 24 hours, I’m happy to report that he was almost 100% improved. Seriously – that much. I don’t even know how skin that red and raw goes back to being pink and normal looking in such a short time, but it did.
So Pinxav smells great (it’s a pink paste that actually has a very pleasant smell) and works amazingly well. And your baby’s butt will thank you. Enter mommieswithstyle as the coupon code and you’ll receive a free tube (4 oz) with purchase.
*For the sake of accurate reporting, I looked up Desitin, which I didn’t have a tube of in my house. It has 40% zinc oxide. I hope we don’t have another need for rash cream but if we do, I’ll have to test that one again as I haven’t yet used it on baby #2.


  1. I was quite sceptical at first. Besides, I used Triple Paste in the past and it worked very well. However, at my friend’s advice I bought Pinxav and after a while it’s become my favorite. Desitin has never worked well for both of my kids, so that one was definitely off the list. Now Pinxal has shown better results than Triple Paste, that has only 12.8% zink. So I’m a believer now :). Go, Pinxav!! 🙂

  2. I have used them all! Let me tell ya…Desitin may have a higher zinc oxide content but I think it is the whole composition of the Pinxav that works together and GETS THE JOB DONE! I love, love, love Pinxav and nobody around where I live sells it. None of the pharmacies can even order it. I’ve searched the internet and have actually found pretty good deals ($4.95/4 oz tube; $16.05 for the jar). My cousin let me use it when we were visiting up north. 1 use and I was hooked! I would recommend this to any mom. Pinxav is it! 🙂

  3. I completely agree……. Pinxav is the way to go ! I was introduced to pinxav by my daughter Pediatrician when she was no more than 3 months old and she is now 6 1/2 years old. We still use it in our home and I have told everyone we know about all it’s wonderful uses….. We have of course used it for Diaper rash, Mosquito bites, Heat rash, Bee stings, Poison Ivy/Oak, Skin irritation, Jock itch, Razor burn and I even use it for bathroom accidents. Such as…. if my child doesn’t wipe properly after using the bathroom and informs me later that she hurts or that it’s itching….This is the stuff that every home should keep it their cabinet!!! 😉

  4. Pinxav… omg is a must have in the nursery to help and prevent diaper rash it also has clove oil and alo vera to help sooth works wonders do not even wast your time and money on anything else

  5. A MUST have for every Mom!!! NOTHING better!!! We call it “Pink Magic” I too had a baby over 4 years ago who had the worst diaper rash I as a mom have ever seen! And hope to never ever see again! Raw , and bleeding! I tried everything I could find and nothing worked ! Not even a prescription from my family Dr. It was heart breaking! My baby cried and I cried at every diaper change! My friend gave me a partial tube and I used it and over night it was 90% better! I have been hooked ever since that moment! My house will NEVER EVER be without Pinxav!! I have 4 children and use it on all of them from preventing diaper rash, to getting rid of mild diaper rash, to bug bites, bee stings and every single scratch an “boo boo” My teenage sun uses it for zits,….it is AMAZING!!! LOVE,LOVE, LOVE Pinxav!!!

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